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Thank you: We're celebrating 1 year of FIVE 🚀

Since August 2017, FIVE has been taking care of you naturally. Has it really been a year since we started our online shop in the DACH region? How did the time fly... Because this is mainly due to our great customers, your orders, questions and your feedback, we say thank you! In addition, a round year is a nice vantage point. Where do we come from, where are we going? And more importantly, what do we have for you? We'll tell you.

We celebrate 1 year of FIVE online shop and say thank you - Five Skincare

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Skincare radically minimalist

Our concept can be summed up in one word: simplicity . We make natural cosmetics from a maximum of 5 ingredients. Why? First, you keep track of what's on your skin. With conventional formulations with 20+ ingredients, this is hardly possible without a pharmacy degree. Second, you prevent over-grooming. Processing countless ingredients every day means pure stress for your skin. She reacts irritated and exhausted. Minimalism in skin care, on the other hand, is like a permanent vacation for the skin.

Do you want to know what was the best part of the last year for us? You have shown us that it pays to think radically. Reducing formulations to just 5 ingredients is a bold move. The industry was initially critical. Many have doubted that customers want more simplicity of all things. Because let's be honest, the trend has been in the direction of "a lot helps a lot" for years.

But especially if you have sensitive or impure skin, you know that too much care tends to make the situation worse. It was therefore clear to me where the journey had to go: back to simplicity. And to nature. And you, cool sock, just went with it. Chapeau! Because I know from my own experience, trying out a new skin care product... that's not without it. I am all the more pleased that we have received so much positive feedback. Now it's obvious it was the right move .

A brilliant start

With our concept in hand, I gathered all my courage and ventured into the lion's den (DHDL). In September 2017, VOX broadcast the appearance on the founder show. And in just a few minutes, it catapulted our online shop from 0 to 100. While the shop could not be found in the Google search before, it suddenly ranked at the top. And was bought in no time half empty. You may remember the long wait for the shea cream . It was completely sold out after 24 hours and had to be reproduced first.

The lion's den - and then?

The time after The Lion's Den was characterized not only by little sleep and action everywhere, but also by setting the course for the future of Five Skincare. We have had countless experiences over the past year and have received a lot of great feedback. We now also know which products are particularly well received by you, what we can still improve and who our customers, i.e. you, are in general.

And we listened. Even when it came to deciding where to go. From your many emails and comments it has become clear: FIVE must remain transparent . What's inside, how it works, who we are - you don't have to guess with us. And it will stay like that.

We stay true to ourselves

After the broadcast of DHDL, a number of business angels and venture capital companies came to our door. However, we have decided against quickly inflating the company and product portfolio with a major investor and watering down our concept in the process. Instead, we focus on growth from within . So we remain as you know us: obsessed with quality, minimalist and radically understandable.

We don't give up the reins in sales either. Sure, it would be normal to sell FIVE through other retailers in addition to our web shop. However, we think that when it comes to skin care, the most important thing is valuable ingredients. And here we simply refuse to cut corners . That's why we prefer to invest in the best raw materials, such as organic vegetable oil, than in expensive sales channels. This allows us to make products with the ingredients that we really like. And you get the quality your skin deserves. At the same time, the direct line to you remains. Because you are our most important inspiration!

Anna and Felix, the founders - Five Skincare

Anna and Felix, the founders of FIVE

Behind the mirrors - who is behind FIVE

We are based in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. But before you walk past Omega and Cartier along the Bahnhofstrasse in your mind, stop! We 're not that fancy after all . After all, we are a startup. Work is done from every object where you can somehow put the laptop on it, company party means still answering e-mails from the festival and if I want to treat myself to something, I take a new bag for the second cup of tea.

First there would be me as the founder and my co-founder Felix. We are the dream team for the strategic. We are supported by a top team in production who ensure that we strictly comply with all EU and Vegan Society requirements. Our nimble logisticians ensure that you receive top quality in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And so that FIVE does not remain an insider tip, there are still employees who write our texts and supply the press with information about FIVE. But customer communication is a top priority . If you send us a message or ask a question, your answer will come directly from me.

Look forward to new products in the future

Of course, you can expect more choices in the future. But the palette should not grow into the unmanageable. That is why all our care goes into development, from the formulations to the purchase of the raw materials. After all, we want to offer you the products that you really need. And that work optimally. Here's what you can rely on at FIVE:

  • 100% natural ingredients - all formulations are free from mineral oils, synthetic preservatives, parabens, silicones and the like.
  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free - FIVE products are registered with the Vegan Society and carry their flower seal. Incidentally, this also shows that all of our products, from raw material extraction to testing, do not use animal testing or animal products.
  • Predominantly organic – We use ingredients from organic farming wherever possible. As a result, you stress your skin less with plant protection products, residues of which can be found in conventional ingredients.
  • Safety is the trump card - of course, all products comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulation and are therefore also manufactured according to GMP. This stands for the ISO 22716 standard for good manufacturing practice in cosmetics. It indicates that the products are completely safe to use.

Thank you and high five!

Has FIVE already convinced you? Of course I'm happy about that. Not because we would soon be able to have the chic office on Bahnhofstrasse. But because thanks to you and with you we can go this slightly different path. We remain true to our philosophy of only using the fewest but the best ingredients. We count on fans like you and listen carefully. This is how we develop products for you and with you.

That's why your loyalty will pay off from now on. In the FIVE friends program you collect high fives for every purchase, which you can then use to shop more cheaply. And because recommendations are worth their weight in gold for us, we'll give you a lot of extra high fives if you recommend FIVE to your friends. Start scoring now!

Thank you for revolutionizing the beauty world with us.
High five, your Anna

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