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When production goes wrong

«Anna, when will the FIVE face serum be available again?» I've been asked this question a lot lately. Unfortunately, I didn't know the answer for a long time because we had a problem in production and didn't know where it came from.

When Production Goes Wrong | Five Skincare

☝️This text originally comes from our email newsletter from August 2019. And because we like to share our mistakes, here is the text in full length...

Three tests for each production

Each production must pass three microbiological tests before the filled bottles can be sold.

1st test:
As soon as we receive the raw materials from our suppliers, they are checked for purity. If they are flawless, the product is produced and filled into a large tank.

2nd test:
A sample from the tank is microbiologically tested in an external laboratory. We wait ten days for the results. Everything's ok? Ok, let's get down to business: Each bottle is filled, printed with the batch number and the BBD and sealed.

3rd test:
Before the product is allowed to be sold, it is tested again. It's time to twiddle your thumb again for ten days. Actually an alibi test, because our producers work according to GMP. This is a manufacturing standard that guarantees hygienic and controlled production. In addition, both previous test results were good, what could possibly go wrong?

Dandelion, this time it didn't want to be, the last test was not okay!

I found out about it on my way to vacation on the S-Bahn, you can imagine how much fun I had... 🙈

Where is the contamination coming from when both previous test results were OK?

Finding this out was not trivial and took us several weeks and a series of further tests.

Now we are smarter: At the time of production, it was summer with a whopping 37 degrees. It was cooler in the manufactory, but still warmer than average. This has caused condensation to form on the lid of the tank, likely contaminating the product.

For us this meant going back to the start and starting a new production with a better storage environment for the tank.

Production is still ongoing, but the serum should be back by the first week of September; I will inform you. Addendum: The serum is available again.

I'm sorry you have to wait so long. Today, for once, I am not sending any high-five greetings, but instead a confident greeting combined with a big THANK YOU for your patience. 😌

Your Anna

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