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7 care tips for relaxed skin on summer vacation

What constitutes a dream trip for you, your skin finds quite exhausting. Sunbathing, bathing and depilating always throw them off balance. Here she needs special care. With these 7 tips, your skin will also recover on holiday. And you always look great.
7 care tips for relaxed skin on summer vacation - Five Skincare

7 skin care tips for beach beauties

Summer – that finally means sun again! You are now freeing yourself from the onion look layer by layer. What's left? Spaghetti straps and leg room. And just as airy stuff comes in the holiday luggage. So that you always look fantastic in them, here are a few tips for summer-beautifully cared for skin.

1. Gentle suntan

A touch of color is simply part of it. But tan with caution! In contrast to a summery tan, UV damage is permanent. Therefore, always wear enough sunscreen and expose your skin to as little intense radiation as possible.
If, like me, you're more of a shadowy creature, just reach for self-tanner . It is even available as natural cosmetics, for example from Lavera. In any case, this is gentler than UV radiation. Applied before the holiday, you arrive with a light tan. But pay close attention to the expiration date! Formaldehyde can split off from the tanning agent dihydroxyacetone (DHA) if it is stored too long or at high temperatures. You can find out more about tanning at How much sun can my skin take? – 7 sun protection tips .

2. Beautifully sporty

The summer offers you endless possibilities for sports. And: Sport makes you beautiful. The first thing that comes to mind is the bikini figure? A strenuous workout also works wonders for the skin. It boosts blood circulation and conjures up a fresh complexion. While you work yourself out, your system pumps oxygen like crazy. In this way , it transports an extra load of nutrients right into your skin . The fact that toxins and impurities are better removed in the process makes your pores cleaner and finer. Regular exercise also promotes skin regeneration – a stamina bonus, so to speak.
☝️ Extra tip: Jump into the nearest lake after your workout. Nobody there? Then treat yourself to a lukewarm shower. That way, sweat is a thing of the past and you avoid annoying pimples.

3. Cream and makeup - less is more

What does your daytime makeup look like in summer? Fresh, natural, almost without make-up? It's a good thing that it almost comes naturally. Sun-kissed complexion dispels pallor. The heat effortlessly conjures up rosy cheeks. And the right care ensures clear skin with no signs of dryness. Strong makeup, on the other hand, tends to run off in the heat and quickly looks like a mask. The result is clogged pores and new irritations.
Let your skin breathe instead. Due to the higher humidity, it needs fewer care products in summer. Try applying lotion to your face only in the morning and avoiding makeup. This gives the skin more time to regenerate and you to enjoy.

4. Cleanse mildly

Sun, water, wind, parties - what you find relaxing is anything but a vacation for your skin. It is therefore better to avoid aggressive washing gels . They also dry out and throw the pH value out of balance. An oil-based makeup remover will thoroughly unclog your pores while even protecting against moisture loss. Applied in the evening, natural oils have a nourishing effect overnight.

In addition to nourishing almond, jojoba and apricot kernel oil, the FIVE make-up remover also has a portion of vitamin E.

5. Be a lukewarm shower

When it's really hot, I long for a refreshing shower around the clock. Salt water and the smell of chlorine also bother the skin. Showering once a day is rarely the case. The protective shield of the skin, however, messes it up quite a bit. Hot water and soap suds wash away the acid-lipid mantle again and again. Therefore, it is better to shower lukewarm and only use shower gel where necessary . Arms and legs hardly sweat and already have to deal with a lot of UV radiation and moisture loss. But sunscreen should be washed off with soap at least once a day.

6. With peeling for a silky smooth feeling

Razors, wax and co. are in high season in summer. Unfortunately, ingrown hairs are an unsightly side effect. With regular peelings you tackle these culprits. When this also contains rich oils, it also smoothes rough areas of the skin. In no time the legs are tender again. Find out which scrub is right for you in our article.

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7. Care mask from the fridge

With so much sunshine and hot nights, your skin will appreciate an extra pack of freshness. This gives her a good, old household remedy: the quark mask . The milk product consists of around 80 percent water and immediately fills up dryness lines . The lactic acid stabilizes the pH value and gently removes calluses for a clean complexion. Since quark also has a decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect, it even provides first aid for sunburn. Incidentally, you can enhance this effect by stirring in a teaspoon of honey.
Always use the quark fresh from the fridge - the cooling effect is part of the treatment. Apply it to your face, neck and décolleté as thick as a finger. Leave it on for a good 10 minutes until it starts to dry. Remove with lukewarm water.

How much cosmetics you really need on vacation

These 7 care tips will also make your skin really relaxing on holiday. And that without unnecessarily weighing down your luggage. By the way, the article Holiday beauty with little luggage tells you how you can travel particularly lightly: multi-use cosmetic products . Find out which FIVE product allows you to leave up to 7 other cosmetic items at home.

Bon voyage!

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