Apricot kernel oil puts irritated skin back in a good mood

Smoothing, mild, soothing and much more - there are so many reasons why apricot kernel oil is good for the skin. To what extent does sensitive and irritated skin particularly benefit from its texture and its special abilities? You will find out in this post. Let's take a look together at the vegetable oil that will make your skin glow like the juicy fruits it comes from.

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Apricot kernel oil – the secret star in skin care

Apricot kernel oil is something of an insider tip in cosmetics. Argan oil, coconut oil and shea butter smile at us from every second pack. Compared to these exotics, the oil, which is practically produced around the corner from us, has not yet blossomed into a trendsetter. It's a shame, I think, because apricot kernel oil has many top properties for facial care. Therefore spot on for the golden fruit.

This is how apricot kernel oil cares for face and body

Apricot oil is a great base oil for products that should be well tolerated, light and smoothing. It leaves a velvety feeling, absorbs well and also soothes stressed skin. It owes these talents to its composition of lipids. So let's take a quick look at what's in the cheeky little fruit.

Apricot kernel oil consists of around 60% oleic acid. The body needs this essential fatty acid so that everything runs smoothly. Oleic acid makes skin feel soft because it spreads easily. As a result, formulas with apricot kernel oil feel pleasantly light on the skin. In addition, oleic acid can transport other active ingredients through the skin barrier. This is great in combination with vitamins, which can work deeper in the skin.

Also linoleic acid, which makes up 25% of apricot kernel oil, is an essential fatty acid. This beauty lipid is largely responsible for a healthy moisture balance in the skin and promotes regeneration. Dead skin cells are shed more easily and new ones are produced better. The complexion looks smoother and fresher.

Apricot oil also contains fatty acids that protect the skin from external influences, such as palmitic acid, which forms a light protective shield on the surface. Here is an overview of why apricot kernel oil is so great:

  • It spreads very well on the skin.
  • It absorbs well and feels pleasantly light.
  • It leaves skin soft and smooth.
  • It is particularly well tolerated and relieves skin irritation.
  • It stimulates cell regeneration and creates a radiant complexion.

Why apricot kernel oil removes make-up and mascara particularly gently

With apricot kernel oil, even stubborn make-up can be removed gently and quickly The oil can be distributed very well on the skin, which makes it particularly pleasant to use. It thoroughly binds dirt and make-up particles and can be easily removed together with its entourage with a make-up remover pad or washcloth. Its caring properties also leave your skin feeling soft and clean.

Experience it for yourself: The FIVE make-up remover cleans gently and without leaving traces with apricot kernel oil, almond oil and jojoba oil , antioxidant vitamin E and the gentle scent of neroli oil.

Refined or cold-pressed: is all apricot kernel oil good for the skin?

Apricot kernels and the oil derived from them are said to be dangerous in some articles you can find online. This is because bitter apricot kernels contain amygdalin, which is broken down into hydrocyanic acid during digestion and we know this from the thriller as cyanide. But you don't need to be unsure whether cosmetics with apricot kernel oil are really good. It is dosed accordingly. By the way, only the kernel oil of wild apricots, the bitter apricot kernel oil, contains this substance. Sweets Apricot kernel oil from cultivated apricots, like we use in FIVE Make-up Remover, is in any case completely harmless and theoretically even suitable for cooking and baking.

For cosmetics, I clearly vote for the unrefined, cold-pressed oil because it still contains all the nutrients and you shouldn't miss the seductive marzipan scent . The sweet apricot kernel oil that we use at FIVE is 100% organic and natural. It is gently cold-pressed and filtered . In this way, all the valuable active ingredients with which it smoothes the skin and protects against moisture loss are retained. In fact, the quality is so high that you could even dress your salad with the pure apricot kernel oil.

☝️ Conclusion: apricot kernel oil soothes sensitive skin and gently nourishes it again. It's a dream to remove make-up and your skin will also benefit from this light oil if it's irritated. Well, cream on!


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