What to do against dry skin in winter?

Icy winds bring new challenges for our skin in winter. If your skin was still Zen in the summer, it quickly becomes a problem child in the cold season. Why is that and what you can do about dry skin in winter? Find out!

Was tun gegen trockene Haut im Winter | Five Skincare

From Hero to Zero – Winter is a dry time for skin. Everything was rosy in the summer, now the skin is suddenly twitching. You can't do anything right for her. You know the problem, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Unfortunately, there is no ultimate panacea against dry and itchy skin in winter, because the problem cannot be completely solved in our latitudes. But there is still a little you can do. Here you will find out the most important points for skin care in winter.

Why you get dry skin in winter

As the temperature rises, so does your skin's contentment. Cold, dry heating air and the constant alternation between cold outside and warm inside give her problems. There is often an icy wind that blows moisture away.

☝️ In a nutshell: At temperatures below 8 °Celsius, the skin produces less and less of its own fats. In addition, these are tougher and do not spread so well on the skin. As a result, the skin is poorly cared for and less well protected against environmental influences such as cold and wind. This can manifest itself as dry, scaly, and itchy skin.

In winter, the skin needs extensive care

While lightness reigns in summer, your skin demands more substance in winter. You can help her maintain the Protective Barrier with nourishing oils. Rely on a balanced combination of vegetable oils that smooth, moisturize and offer long-lasting protection. But what does that look like in practice?

This helps against dry skin in winter - short and sweet


  • Use day care with a high oil content
  • For long stays outdoors, use a cold balm and avoid water-based products altogether.


  • lukewarm and briefly shower
  • Use shampoo and shower gel with mild surfactants (natural cosmetics)
  • Use body oil
  • Protect skin from cold with scarf, gloves and hat


  • Drink a lot
  • Pay attention to Omega-3

Your face care routine for winter

Very important: Have realistic expectations. Winter stays winter and your skin just ticks differently now. Good that we are all so flexible, we just adapt 😉 with a day and night routine. This is much more important than usual at this time of year because you are less able to moisturize your skin during the day. I'll also show you special care in extreme cold because the skin needs special protection.

Day care: protective lipids in the morning

The whole thing going back and forth between warm and cold strains the skin on the day. She wants extra protection from wind and cold.The best way to prevent this is with a replenishing face balm or, if you like your skin care a little lighter, a nourishing face oil The lipids in it help to close the gaps in the skin barrier to fill, and insulate against the cold. Always apply the balm and facial oils to damp skin. It is best to use lukewarm water immediately after washing your face.

Note: You should use our FIVE face serum and all other moisturizing serums and gels with care in winter because they leave water on your skin bind and this could freeze. Check the weather forecast and your plans for the day. If the office is coming up, you can also include the hydrating FIVE facial serum in your care routine and moisturize your skin with it before you apply the greasy care. However, if your plans are towards winter hiking or skiing, then it is better to forego this additional care step. More on this below under special care.

Night care: hydrating moisturizer in the evening

You can now make really good use of the even temperatures overnight to replenish your water depots. To do this, postpone the moisturizing FIVE face serum until evening and let the delicate scent of roses send you off to slumberland. To do this, first clean your face with the FIVE make-up remover. Then pamper your skin with the FIVE Face Serum, which you can use on its own or combine with the FIVE Shea Cream or your matching FIVE Face Oil. Rely on how your skin feels, you will quickly find out what suits you.

Special care: cold balm for extreme temperatures in winter

Even if you're not addicted to heli-skiing, a normal day on the slopes or a winter hike are extreme for your skin. The face is exposed to freezing cold for hours. We already knew that at some point she would stop greasing. So what to do? Much like the sun, rule #1 is to avoid exposure, so wrap up as much skin as possible. The cold balm (sometimes also called wind and weather cream) comes second. Find out in my article how you can use our FIVE Shea Cream as a cold balm and what needs to be considered.

On the mountain we need double protection: against the cold and against UV radiation. If you want to get on your skis for the first time this winter: never, never, never forget your sunscreen!

The FIVE Shea Cream helps against dry skin in winter with organic shea butter and its water-free formula.

This is how you take care of your body in winter

When it's cold outside, we tend to take a hotter shower or bath. Sure, sometimes it just has to be to warm up again. However, it is exhausting for the skin because it dries out. A not too extensive lukewarm shower is more productive. Also, do without strong foaming washing gels and bath additives and instead choose natural cosmetics with mild surfactants.And then it's best to apply a body oil to the still damp skin This binds moisture and protects. Avocado oil has worked for me. It has a high unsaponifiable content and is not too heavy. Perfect for anyone who wants more moisture but doesn't have extremely dry skin. You can also use almond oil or apricot kernel oil, just experiment with what works best for you.

Your skin is itchy (maybe literally)? Then it may be a little more. For example the FIVE Shea Cream. It nourishes and pampers with organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, vitamin E and organic neroli oil. With its waterless texture you have the consistency in your own hands. Depending on whether your skin is still wet or just slightly damp when you apply it, it will be lighter or heavier.

Tips against chapped hands in winter

The hands are particularly tricky. They are usually at the mercy of temperature fluctuations and dry air and are also washed very often. Do you know the feeling that they become more and more cracked despite the constant application of cream? This is probably because the hand cream contains emulsifiers. They combine water with lipids and ensure that the protective layer of fat on your skin is washed away. My article Tension from the cream tube tells you more about this: how emulsifiers dry out your skin.

So just when you think you need to take care of more, the protective barrier is gradually weakened. Switch to a waterless balm or ointment that you apply to damp skin. That's right, it can leave more taps on the cell phone display. Then again, they don't hurt...

Maybe it's enough if you send your hands to the feathers with an extra portion of care. To do this, apply a greasy balm to damp hands – our Shea Cream is perfect for this – and slip overnight into cotton gloves so that it absorbs really well. This acts like a cure pack for stressed hands.

Your personal skin consultation is just an email away.

Skincare is sometimes a bit complicated. Not sure what your skin type is or what kind of care would be good for you? We will advise you individually and free of charge by e-mail.

Your personal skin consultation is just an email away.

Skincare is sometimes a bit complicated. Not sure what your skin type is or what kind of care would be good for you? We will advise you individually and free of charge by e-mail.

The right dosage of oily care products in winter

Even if your skin can tolerate richer care products in winter, you shouldn't apply oils by the spoonful. If your face is shiny and your clothes are sticking to you, it was clearly too much. Your skin reacts very individually. Some can take more, others don't need that much. And too much balm or face oil can directly overwhelm them. She doesn't even know what to do with all the care.My tip: Dose sparingly and feel your way around the right amount It doesn't go from plus to minus 10 °C straight away. Just listen to your skin and see what feels good.

With the right care, you can look forward to hot mulled wine in the snow. Winter has its beautiful sides too...


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