Skin care after 30: do I need anti-aging products?

Looking old, who wants that... And certainly not in their thirties. After all, 30 is the new 20. But what are the real benefits of anti-aging products? Here you can find out why the sales argument is more appearance than reality and how you can take care of your skin for a long time. So much can be revealed in advance: the most important «anti-aging» product of all can do without this label.
Hautpflege ab 30: brauche ich Anti-Aging-Produkte? – Five Skincare

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Now don't be so anti...

Anti-aging is one of the most popular labels in cosmetics. Countless products carry this magic, goes-like-hot-cake formula on their packaging. However, the term is not protected, neither in terms of mode of action nor effectiveness. Some products promise special care for mature skin, while others are supposed to magically wipe away wrinkles. Literally, anti-aging means «against aging». But does cosmetics really stop this process or even reverse it?
If you already have a few jars like this in your bathroom cabinet, you already know them, the bare truth. Aging just happens. Products such as anti-wrinkle cream or hyaluron ampoules plump things up, but there is no panacea. Stiftung Warentest also regularly complains that anti-aging products only work for a short time or hardly at all. If the proverbial child has fallen into the inevitable fountain, cream and dab as much as you like - it will not become a fountain of youth.
Because the term actually promises the impossible, we avoid it for FIVE products. This is intentional and will remain so. And we have good reasons for that. You can now find out what these are and how you can use FIVE to keep your skin firm and radiant for a long time. And who says getting older is inherently a bad thing anyway?

What skin aging actually is

Another word for skin aging? Well, how about "life"? Because the process begins right after birth. In other words, by the time you can read this, your skin has already aged. So relatively... age is always relative.
Skin aging begins right after birth. Except that when we're young, we just call it development. And what isn't happening there! The skin grows, adapts to your silhouette. During puberty she sometimes becomes a real nuisance. Then around the age of 20 there is often such a calmness in terms of skin technology. Farewell to acne and no wrinkles yet. But just when we're really happy with ourselves, something funny happens: we start thinking about aging.
What we used to just accept is suddenly a bogeyman. But honestly, worry lines don't help. Are you seeing the first fine lines? Just call them laugh lines. If they increase, it just shows that you're in a good mood. But what you can do something about is premature skin aging. Here it is important to get to the root of the problem.

That's why skin ages

Multiple processes come together to produce the signs of aging that bother you. First, cells renew themselves more and more slowly. In addition, your skin dries out faster. Areas of skin that are particularly dehydrated contract to form so-called dryness lines.
collagen and elastin are increasingly degraded. As a result, the tissue loses its elasticity and the pores enlarge.When blood flow slows down, fewer nutrients reach the skin, resulting in a lack of regenerative materials and antioxidants to scavenge free radicals. Added to this are the consequences of UV radiation. This not only reduces the regenerative power, but increasingly causes pigment spots to appear. The complexion appears less radiant and rosy.

Hautpflege ab 30: Entschleunigen – Five Skincare

Slow down skin aging

Life is getting faster and faster. That's why we enjoy slow food, take a break and do a digital detox to counteract sensory overload. Good this way. Taking it easy is also good for your skin in many ways. Because internal and external factors influence how quickly it changes. Your genes are also part of it. You can't turn anything on them, but you can on other areas. Here are our top 6 tips:

1. Beware of too much sun

The real anti-aging product in your mirror cabinet is sunscreen.
UV radiation has been shown to have the most damaging effects on your skin. It accounts for around 80% of visible aging! [1] The UV B radiation creates free radicals in the upper layers of the skin. These oxygen molecules destroy healthy cells. This is why the problem is also known as oxidative stress. Also an accumulation of dark pigments that cloud your complexion, and later larger age spots are caused by too much sun. UV A rays penetrate deep into the skin and relax the supporting tissue. Therefore, avoid extensive sunbathing and the blazing midday sun. Solarium visits also exacerbate photoaging.

2. Keep your skin moist

Providing with moisture means taking precautions. Because if the moisture content of your skin is right, you avoid irritation and dryness lines. Again, healthy skin is beautiful skin. A motto that you will come across more often in our tips. With the right care, you stabilize the skin barrier and balance the natural moisturizing factor. This refers to a group of acids and minerals that bind water under the skin's surface. You maintain the balance here by feeding your skin water and lipids.
If you use high-quality vegetable oils, you are feeding it nutrients directly. Because many antioxidant vitamins are fat-soluble and contained in natural oils. The shea butter from our Shea Cream, for example, contains plenty of vitamin E, sodium, potassium and more. Massage into skin moistened with water or use our moisturizing facial serum with rose water and hyaluronic acid instead and you have the water and Replenished your skin's lipid depots.

Hautpflege ab 30: Antioxidantien – Five Skincare

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3. Eat healthy

Food provides building blocks for new cells and protection. Many types of fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants, which serve as natural radical scavengers. They fight free radicals that your body forms under stress, UV radiation or as a reaction to polluted air. Antioxidants counteract this by sacrificing themselves for your cells.And watch out for those with a sweet tooth: too much sugar makes the skin slack

4. Exercise

Exercise has two advantages for your skin. For one, he relaxes. Particularly gentle workouts such as Pilates or yoga will help you wind down after a hard day. In addition, movement stimulates blood circulation. Your breathing deepens, your heart beats faster until oxygen and nutrients flow into the delicate vessels under your skin. Good for cell regeneration and a rosy complexion.

5. Stay away from the fags

Smokers form a particularly large number of free radicals due to the toxins in cigarettes. They therefore need many more nutrients, for example higher doses of vitamin C. Because they simply cannot keep up with the supply, the oxidative stress is significantly higher than in non-smokers. At the same time, blood circulation suffers. Nicotine also speeds up the breakdown of collagen. The consequences are as varied as they are ugly. They range from sagging skin to bags under the eyes, nasolabial folds, lip lines and pale complexion to large pores. And they are not long in coming, as a US study on twins [2] shows. In each of the subjects, one twin smoked and the other did not smoke or smoked for at least 5 years less. The discrepancy was particularly large for non-smokers, but 5 years already make a clear difference.

6. Alcohol in bulk

You shouldn't overdo it with wine, beer and co. But if you drink too much when you're thirsty, two things happen that aren't good for your skin. First, alcohol drainswater from your body. Hence the so-called fire, which then lets you drink the tap half empty. But moisture is your most important defense against wrinkles. Secondly, alcohol also brings free radicals with it again. More alcohol, more oxidative stress. So listen to your body and say stop in time!

What can cosmetics do now?

Now you've read a lot about what cosmetics can't do. What can she do now? It has already been mentioned in the tips: skin needs protection and care. Therefore, one product definitely belongs in your closet, and not only after the age of 30: sunscreen.
This is the most effective way to prevent premature aging or even damage to your health. Healthy skin is the be-all and end-all anyway. If the skin barrier is intact, the moisture content is usually right. This is exactly what the products from FIVE aim for. We are convinced that less is more. In our recipes, this means: few ingredients that naturally provide many valuable active ingredients.
Of course there are also filling substances that temporarily cushion wrinkles. Some involve great risks. Either way, the effect is short-lived. And in the long term, the appearance loses its naturalness. We all know pictures of rigid Botox faces without facial expressions. If that puts you off, there's only one thing left to do: grow older in style.
Because healthy and well-groomed skin looks good even into old age. And above all, it shows the beautiful people underneath. She retains her fresh color, fine pores, a few wrinkles here and there... but she lets you smile broadly, raise your brows critically and fire your gaze.
Conclusion: It's better to do something for your skin health than against aging.



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