7 benefits of FIVE Shea Cream in winter

1 cream, 5 ingredients, 7 talents. The FIVE Shea Cream is not only the classic in our range, but also ingeniously versatile. Especially in the cold season, your skin benefits from the nourishing formula with a feel-good factor. What you can do with a jar and why you shouldn't miss out on the extra portion of care in winter, I'll tell you in my Top 7 Benefits of Shea Cream.

7 Benefits der FIVE Shea Cream im Winter | Five Skincare

FIVE Shea Cream: The multitasking talent

I'm a fan of products that do more than just one thing. That's why most of the FIVE products are designed so that you have as much of them as possible. One of them that shows surprising advantages, especially in winter, is FIVE Shea Cream. It has more benefits than ingredients and that is what makes it so versatile. Since the recipe is water-free, you have control over the consistency of the cream – and thus its effect. Discover the Top 7 Benefits of the composition of organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, vitamin E and fragrant organic neroli oil in the cold season.

1. Face Cream

Developed to soothe and care for even sensitive skin, FIVE Shea Cream is a great base cream for the face. Their blend of oils helps skin repair its natural protective barrier and protect it from moisture loss throughout the day. To do this, apply it to dampened skin or mix it with a moisturizing serum in the palm of your hand and massage it in gently. The shea cream combines with the water so that the skin can absorb it well. The result is soft, well-groomed skin that looks healthy and firm thanks to the full moisture depots.

❄️ Beware of moisture and extreme cold. If you plan to be outdoors for a long time when the temperature is below zero, it is better to do without intensive moisturizing care such as the FIVE facial serum. It could freeze on your skin.

2. Body Cream

Between heated air and frosty winds, shea cream is in season as a body care product in winter. The light textures that we loved in summer just aren't rich enough for such hardships. Dry knees and rough elbows send a clear message: your skin needs more! The nourishing oils of the Shea Cream unfold their smoothing effect here and provide long-lasting care. The recipe is much more productive than it looks. Since you use it on damp skin, a small amount of cream is enough for the whole body. It is best to apply it immediately after showering before you reach for the towel.

☝️ «In the shower at the end (the FIVE Shea Cream) is most effective for me. Then it is absorbed very well and the skin becomes supple»
FIVE customer Iva.

3. Wind and weather cream for skiing

Whether it's skiing, snowshoeing or a day on the ice rink, hours of exposure to the cold is incredibly exhausting for your skin. She then likes to show this with dry, cracked or reddened areas. The fact is: Below 8 degrees the skin's own protective layer crumbles. The sebum glands, which are supposed to maintain this barrier, gradually stop producing it, it becomes porous and moisture escapes.

There needs to be help from outside.Above 0 degrees Celsius, protection against roughness and cracks is provided by a balm that is as rich in fat as possible and absolutely waterless like our Shea Cream. In the worst case, when the temperature is below zero, the water can freeze on your skin and small veins can freeze burst. You can also apply the FIVE Shea Cream a little thicker as cold protection cream.

🥶 Cosmetic Wiki: Cold Protection Cream is not compatible with Cold Cream because it gets its name from the cooling effect when applied.

4. Lip Balm

Chapped lips are not just a mood killer on date nights. Unfortunately, this area of ​​skin quickly turns into burning sandpaper in winter. With the FIVE Shea Cream you can effectively prevent this. It comes out of the jar in the consistency of a lip balm and keeps your delicate lips supple for hours. It owes this effect above all to the shea butter, which replenishes and soothes irritated skin. As a result, the cream also provides relief if the skin is already cracked.

🐝 Intensive care for chapped lips: spread with honey, leave on for 15 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water - do not lick! – and apply the shea cream.

5. Hand Cream

At least as annoying as chapped lips: cracked hands. This is also faster than usual in winter. If you don't mind a few taps on the smartphone display, you can also use the FIVE Shea Cream as a hand cream during the day - apply it immediately after washing your hands but before drying them. Personally, I don't feel like constantly polishing my display, so my tip: Use the concentrated care load of Shea Cream as an intensive treatment overnight. To do this, wet your hands and massage in a good amount of the cream, about the size of a pea. If you have, cotton gloves ensure that the active ingredients can work their magic really well overnight.

6. For a massage

Sounds surprising, but works great. We received this tip directly from professionals who use the FIVE Shea Cream in their practices for medical massages. That's why I'm not only happy that it obviously works so well, but also that we have dear customers who share such ingenious ideas with us. Thank you, you are great!

And this is how it works: Spray the skin with water or a hydrosol, rub the shea cream between your hands to make it runny and use it like massage oil. A big advantage of the Shea Cream is that it is even very suitable for sensitive skin. And of course smelling is wonderful too...

FIVE Shea Cream, the multitasking talent for winter

7. Doing Good

Update: The fundraiser has ended.

You can do that with the FIVE Christmas Special. Just give away this year... the future.The Christmas special gives you the opportunity to send a donation to the Ragussi women's association in Burkina Faso when you buy FIVE Shea Cream as a gift, from where we get our organic shea butter, among other things You are supporting a literacy project for women. The production of shea butter is traditionally in the hands of women and secures the livelihood of entire families. However, this work is also the only option for many of the women because they have not received any education.

Although schooling is actually compulsory in Burkina Faso, many parents cannot afford to send (all) their children to school. And when they have to choose between son and daughter, girls usually lose out when it comes to education.

Here you can donate to the future. How much you give is up to you. You can add a donation of 15, 30 or 60 francs to your order. In any case your contribution goes 100% to the women's cooperative because the project is really important.

Ingenious in seven ways - the FIVE Shea Cream

The FIVE Shea Cream is a bit of an all-rounder - only better because it's vegan. Maybe we haven't even come up with all possible applications. Do you have an insider tip that you would like to share with us? Or are you just now curious? Then get the multitasking talent and defy the cold with an extra portion of care.


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