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Skin care in winter: 5 ingenious applications with our Shea Cream

It is not only the classic in our range, but also ingeniously versatile. Especially in the cold season, your skin benefits from the nourishing formula with a feel-good factor. I'll tell you now what you can do with a jar and why you shouldn't miss out on the extra portion of protective skin care in winter.

Skin care in winter: 5 ingenious applications with our Shea Cream

FIVE Shea Cream: The multitasking talent

I'm a fan of products that do more than just one thing. That's why most of the FIVE products are designed so that you have as much of them as possible. One of them that is showing surprising benefits, especially in winter skin care, is FIVE Shea Cream . It has more benefits than ingredients and that is what makes it so versatile.

Originally developed to soothe and care for dry and stressed skin, FIVE Shea Cream is a great base cream for the face. It is not only waterless, but also does not contain any emulsifiers or alcohol and is therefore very suitable for sensitive skin. Their blend of oils helps skin repair its natural protective barrier and protect it from moisture loss throughout the day. These are the 5 ingredients of FIVE Shea Cream:

  • Shea butter (organic): protects against moisture loss.

  • Jojoba oil (organic): supports the regeneration of the skin barrier.

  • Argan oil (organic): has a smoothing effect and relieves itching.

  • Vitamin E: acts as a radical scavenger.

  • Essential neroli oil (organic): gives the fresh, delicately sweet and tart scent

5 genius ways to use our shea balm for winter skincare:

1. Delicately nourishing body cream

Between heating air and frosty winds, shea cream is in season as a body care product in winter. The light textures that we loved in summer just aren't rich enough for such hardships. Dry shins and raw elbows send a clear message: your skin needs more! The nourishing oils of the shea cream develop their smoothing effect here and provide long-lasting care . The recipe is much more productive than it looks. Since you use it on damp skin, a small amount of cream is enough for the whole body. It is best to apply it immediately after showering , before grabbing a towel.

2. Protective cold balm

Whether it’s winter hiking, skiing or a day on the ice rink, hours of exposure to the cold are incredibly exhausting for your skin. She then likes to show this with dry, cracked or reddened areas. The fact is: Below 8 degrees, the skin's own protective layer crumbles . The sebum glands, which are supposed to maintain this barrier, gradually stop producing it, it becomes porous and moisture escapes. Outside help is needed. Above 0 degrees Celsius, protection against roughness and cracks is provided by a balm that is as rich in fat as possible and absolutely water-free , such as our Shea Cream. In the worst case, when the temperature is below zero, the water can freeze on your skin and cause small veins to burst. You can also apply the FIVE Shea Cream a little thicker as a protection against the cold . See also: Everything you need to know about a cold protection cream .

3. Nourishing Lip Balm

Chapped lips are not only a mood killer on date night. Unfortunately, this area of ​​skin quickly turns into burning sandpaper in winter. With the FIVE Shea Cream you can effectively prevent this. It comes out of the jar in the consistency of a lip balm and keeps your delicate lips supple for hours. It owes this effect above all to the shea butter, which has a moisturizing effect and soothes irritated skin. As a result, the cream also provides relief when the skin is already cracked.

4. Regenerating hand mask

At least as annoying as chapped lips: cracked hands. This is also faster than usual in winter. If you don't mind a few taps on the smartphone display, you can also use FIVE Shea Cream as a hand cream during the day - apply it immediately after washing your hands but before drying them. Personally, I don't feel like constantly polishing my display, so my tip: Use the concentrated care load of Shea Cream as an overnight intensive treatment . To do this, wet your hands and massage in a good amount of the cream, about the size of a pea. If you have, cotton gloves ensure that the active ingredients can work their magic really well overnight.

5. Soothing massage

Sounds surprising, but works great. We received this tip directly from professionals who use FIVE Shea Cream in their medical massage practices. That's why I'm not only happy that it obviously works so well, but also that we have dear customers who share such ingenious ideas with us. Thank you, you are great! Here's how it works: Mist skin with water or a hydrolate, rub Shea Cream between hands to make them runny, and use like massage oil . A big advantage of the Shea Cream is that it is even very suitable for sensitive skin. And of course it smells wonderful too...

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The FIVE Shea Cream, the multitasking talent for winter care

5 times ingenious - the Shea Cream for winter care

So the FIVE Shea Cream is a bit of a jack of all trades - only better because it's vegan. Maybe we haven't even come up with all possible applications. Do you have an insider tip that you would like to share with us? Or are you just now curious? Then get the multitasking talent and defy the cold with an extra portion of care .

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