Beauty Elixir Jojoba Oil - The best oil for oily skin

We love vegetable oils! They are natural, rich in nutrients and care for dry skin and are soft to the touch. If you have a greasy complexion, you might not really dare to use facial oil, because unfortunately problem skin is always worse. Anyone who has already experimented a lot can sing a song about it. Save yourself the attempt! We reveal here which oil is suitable for impure skin and why.

Jojobaöl: Das Beste Öl bei öliger Haut – Five Skincare

Everything in oil - even with oily skin?

What looks good on a salad is even better on the skin. Native vegetable oils not only nourish from the inside, but also work wonders from the outside. In addition, they are natural and, if necessary, can do without an armada of additives.

So there's no question why they're one of the top trends in skincare, even for the face. But what about oily skin? If your complexion feels oily, impure or shiny, the magic word is jojoba oil - an ingredient with very special properties.

Jojobaöl – Das beste Öl für fettige Haut – Five Skincare
Jojobaöl – Das beste Öl für fettige Haut – Five Skincare

Jojoba, or the oil that isn't

Anyone who already feels like a pickled sardine will probably find the thought of facial oil daunting at first. Like sticking that feeling to a beach towel with a badly absorbed sunscreen. Please get that image out of your head as soon as possible. Don't worry - that won't happen to you with jojoba oil.

Because the golden yellow Liquid just cheated its way into the league of oils. Relatives such as coconut oil, argan oil or almond oil are known and popular for their rich effects. While they've long been celebrated in skincare, jojoba oil has kind of fallen into a slumber. But let's get it out of there. Worth it! And that's because of its special structure.

In contrast, the seeds of the jojoba bush contain a soft-melting wax. While glycerin connects the lipids in oil, alcohol molecules take on this task in wax.

Sounds a lot easier? It is. It creates a completely different structure. And it is very similar to the skin's own fat, sebum. Together with the many valuable ingredients of the jojoba bush, these are several plus points.

Jojobaöl: Das Beste Öl bei fettiger Haut – Five Skincare

This is what makes jojoba oil so awesome for oily skin

You're already curious about the oil care. After all, drying your blemished skin with power has not only done good things so far. But you still don't have a good reason to try it out? Here come 6 of them.

Jojoba oil can help to regulate sebum production, especially in the case of skin that quickly becomes greasy, because it is so similar to the skin's own sebum.

1. Bye Pimples!

Because jojoba oil is so similar to sebum, it even regulates its production. In this way, unwanted tenants such as dead skin cells, too much sebum and bacteria are better removed. The prevents blemishes without drying out.Because then the skin would turn up the oil production again and the game would start all over again. That's exactly what we want to avoid.

2. A tough nut for acne pathogens

Nasty bacteria are behind acne and pimples in general. However, many of them cannot metabolize jojoba oil. It covers the skin protectively, cutting off bacteria from their food source. So the pests starve next to full pots.

3. Skin in the Lot

Nourishing lipids from the outside regulate fat production from the inside. They smooth the skin and stabilize the pH value. The many remedies in care products are constantly pushing him back and forth. What don't you try when the pimples sprout... Above all, the skin needs one thing: balance. Then the natural protective mechanisms work optimally - very important for oily skin. Because overproduction is often a warning sign of damage.

4. A protective shield of nutrients

The vitamin cocktail of jojoba oil has a refreshing effect on the skin like a fruit smoothie. Vitamin E, provitamin A and a vitamin B complex prevent oxidation damage to the cells. This is complemented by mineral power from selenium, zinc and iodine, which also protect the skin from bacteria and promote wound healing.

5. A good feeling

Jojoba oil is well tolerated by all skin types because it is so similar to our sebum. It absorbs well and leaves no sticky film behind - an absolute must for oily skin to feel good!

6. Preservation unnecessary

As a desert child, jojoba oil is extreme robust. It does not oxidize and, unlike real oils, does not go rancid. This not only makes the wax durable for a long time. It even naturally preserves other botanicals.

Your personal skin consultation is just an email away.

>Skin care is sometimes a bit complicated. Not sure what your skin type is or what kind of care would be good for you? We will advise you individually and free of charge by e-mail.

Your personal skin consultation is just an email away.

>Skin care is sometimes a bit complicated. Not sure what your skin type is or what kind of care would be good for you? We will advise you individually and free of charge by e-mail.

Make-Up Remover für Oil Cleansing – Five Skincare

Care for the face with jojoba oil

When buying jojoba oil, make sure it is cold pressed and organic. Only then will all the important nutrients you need to care for your skin be included.

Many customers have asked us how they can best naturally care their oily or impure facial skin without using the usual strongly degreasing and harsh products for oily skin.

We listened and together with experts we developed a 100% natural facial oil for oily and blemished skin.Like all our products, the light facial oil comes with five vegan ingredients and provides your skin with exactly what it needs: organic jojoba oil has a regulating effect on sebum production and cornification, organic black cumin oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and With its antibacterial effect, organic grapefruit oil ensures that existing impurities do not spread any further

The light facial oil has a balancing effect on sebum production and brings oily skin back into balance.

Extra Tip

For a nourishing effect, you must always apply oil together with water . The skin can only absorb oil well in combination with it. It forms an emulsion from both, which is well absorbed and provides long-lasting nutrients. Here's how: Wet your face with water, then spread the jojoba oil with gentle movements to mix the two.


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