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Proper care for combination skin

Here, individual parts of the face often behave in completely opposite ways and also want to be cared for in the same way. This skin type sometimes reacts particularly strongly to external influences, such as the seasons.

Proper care for combination skin

How to recognize combination skin

You have …
  • A greasy T-zone (forehead, nose, chin).
  • Dry cheeks that may even be tight and raw.

Combination skin - your care routine with FIVE in the morning

  1. CLEAN : Wash the whole face with lukewarm water .
  2. CARE: Adjust the day care to the areas of the face. Simple tip: combine two products that you apply in different mixing ratios to the respective areas.

    For the T-Zone: Our moisturizing non-greasy face serum . You can also add facial oil with balancing and antibacterial agents . Here's how it works: Simply mix both products in the palm of your hand and apply together. Important: lots of moisture, little oil.

    For dry areas: Here the mixing ratio is exactly the other way round. So mix the same products in the palm of your hand but use more oil than moisture.

Combination skin - your care routine with FIVE in the evening

Good news: In the evening you can treat your whole face to a uniform treatment.

  1. CLEAN : Resist the urge to aggressively degrease your T-zone. If you haven't put on make-up, it's enough to wash your face with lukewarm water . Otherwise remove make-up gently and thoroughly with our make-up remover .
  2. CARE : Your skin regenerates itself overnight. Therefore, do not use a heavy night cream for the dry areas. Instead, apply our oil-free and moisturizing face serum all over.

Combination skin – special care

If your skin feels uncomfortably oily again: Treat yourself to a mild, clarifying mask with white or pink clay once or twice a week. Rinse thoroughly with water before it dries up! You can get clay in the pharmacy or in the health food store.

Or: Unclog your pores with a facial steam bath . Fill the spaghetti saucepan 2 fingers deep with water and bring to the boil. A teaspoon of salt or a bag of chamomile tea provide a disinfecting effect. Remove from the stove, hold your face in the steam - not too close or you'll burn yourself - towel over it and steam for 10 minutes. Then rinse your face with cold water and apply a moisturizing serum. But be careful: you should avoid it if you have sensitive, irritated skin!

Our products for combination skin

Five Face Serum - Pure moisture for your skin | Five Skincare

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