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Natural care for normal skin

Normal skin is easy to care for and good-looking - this skin type is to be envied. With natural care you can make your skin shine even more.

Natural care for normal skin | Five Skincare

How to recognize normal skin

You have …
  • Fine pores.
  • Nothing to complain about on your skin.

Normal skin - your natural care routine with FIVE in the morning

  1. CLEANSE: Wash face and neck with lukewarm water .

  2. CARE: So far, have you managed without any care products and have you felt comfortable with them? Lucky you, stick with it!
    If not, then apply a suitable care product depending on the season. In summer you might even be satisfied with the light and oil-free facial serum that makes tired skin fit for the day and provides maximum moisture.
    If your skin requires a little more comprehensive care or it's autumn outside, a little oily care protects against dry heating air and cold. To do this, mix the facial serum with the facial oil in the palm of your hand and spread both together on the skin.

Normal skin - your natural care routine with FIVE in the evening 

  1. CLEANSE : Since your skin is uncomplicated, you cleanse it several times a week in the evening with just lukewarm water. However, if you have make-up on or your skin is out of balance, it will appreciate a daily cleansing with the make-up remover .
  2. CARE : Your skin regenerates overnight. You should not wean her off this mechanism with a rich night cream! You gave her a little care when removing make-up anyway. Care for your skin with the light and oil-free facial serum so that it can devote itself to regeneration without any worries.

Normal skin – special care

For extra care: A mild mask with pink clay once or twice a week mineralizes your skin and gives you a fresh complexion. Wash off with water before it dries! You can get pure clay in the pharmacy or in the health food store.

Our products for normal skin

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