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Sea buckthorn oil – luminous super fruit for dry and mature skin

The concentrated power of sea buckthorn oil nourishes even dry, stressed and mature skin, making it soft and radiant. With this oil, not only the color is the hit. The fruity active ingredient cocktail of the orange berries inspires with very special properties. What are they and how do they affect your skin? I'll tell you.

Sea buckthorn oil – luminous super fruit for dry and mature skin | Five Skincare

What skin types is sea buckthorn oil ideal for?

Mini fruit, huge effect - a unique active ingredient oil with a signal color is created from the berries of the sea buckthorn bush. Because of its balanced oil composition and its many nutrients, sea buckthorn oil holds a top place on the list of ingredients for a) dry and b) mature skin . What exactly is in it? Let's take a closer look.

The active ingredient oil from sea buckthorn pulp

As already mentioned, it is not a base oil but an active ingredient oil . This means that formulations are always added drop by drop . This is not an obligation to save, but simply completely sufficient because it is so potent. The low concentration is also good for clothes and towels. In large quantities it would stain. So a little tip: If you spice up your muesli with pure sea buckthorn oil, be sure to wash your hands afterwards, especially if you are wearing light-colored clothing.

Sea buckthorn oil has an antioxidant effect

One of the secrets of its effect lies in its bright color. The color is what gives it its high proportion of carotenoids , the plant pigments that sound so suspiciously like carrots. Because they are also in the healthy carrots. Much more important, however, is their function as antioxidants. They are free radical scavengers who "sacrifice" themselves to save your cells when attacked by free radicals. This prevents cell damage and premature skin aging. Incidentally, in addition to the unpronounceable carotenoids, sea buckthorn contains even more antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E.

It stimulates regeneration

Sea buckthorn pulp oil has a unique composition of lipids and is particularly rich in palmitoleic acid - another tongue twister - and palmitic acid. They are contained in most vegetable oils in small amounts. They play an important role in the skin barrier . Mature skin in particular often lacks palmitic acid. The protective layer becomes unstable and the skin loses moisture more quickly. This is of course counterproductive for a firm complexion.

In the case of mature skin or skin that is dry for other reasons, sea buckthorn oil supports regeneration with its balanced active ingredients . It stimulates blood circulation, which means that the skin is better supplied with oxygen. This pushes the cell metabolism and stimulates the formation of new skin cells.

🧡 Less moisture loss and accelerated regeneration - the orange-colored oil offers two advantages for mature and stressed skin.

Sea buckthorn oil protects and soothes

Flaming red and yet it looks more like a fire extinguisher. Sea buckthorn oil brings anti-inflammatory and soothing properties . This makes it very comfortable even for stressed skin. Irritation, redness or itching are common side effects of dry skin. Not only moisture escapes through the defective barrier. The skin also becomes more susceptible to harmful environmental influences.

While there are nourishing base oils to help repair the barrier, if it's still sizzling underneath, that alone won't make your skin feel relaxed. This is exactly what an active ingredient oil like that of sea buckthorn berries is ingenious for. It allows the sources of inflammation and irritation in the deeper layers of the skin to subside and also strengthens the protective layer so that no new ones form.

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Fruit acids help against age spots

The dark accumulations of pigment are considered an unloved feature of mature skin. Even if they are mostly harmless, they disturb the optics. What to do? In addition to laser treatments and bleaching creams, care products with fruit acids , also known as AHA, help. They stimulate cell regeneration and reduce the formation of, let's call them, spots of ripeness. Depending on the characteristics and AHA concentration, they can even magic them away.

An AHA complex is added to some creams or serums. With some plant-based ingredients, however, fruit acids are also a natural component, for example in sea buckthorn oil. The fruit acids contained here have a mild peeling effect and help remove unwanted pigments. Of course, the dose in the facial oil is not so high that you see an immediate effect. It is the regularity with which your skin benefits from the fruit acids that counts. This helps prevent new spots from forming.

☝️ Natural fruit acids found in cosmetic ingredients or AHA complexes in facial oils and serums are not to be confused with real fruit acid peelings! They are extremely aggressive and not necessarily recommended.

Your facial oil for dry or mature skin

I love everything that is multifunctional. And sea buckthorn oil is definitely one of the Swiss army knives among cosmetic ingredients: antioxidant, regenerating and anti-inflammatory. Three strong arguments why you should rely on it when caring for your dry or maybe already mature skin. We have already prepared something for you, namely the FIVE Regeneration . 

It was specially developed for dry, mature and sensitive skin and combines valuable organic sea buckthorn oil with organic jojoba oil, squalane, vitamin E and organic essential lavender oil. This handful of ingredients is your dream team for stimulated cell renewal and regeneration. The fruity scent with just a hint of lavender is also something for the nose. Try it out and let us know how you like it!

Easily remove sunscreen with the FIVE make-up remover | Five Skincare

Our regeneration facial oil with sea buckthorn pulp oil supports the skin's recovery and stimulates cell renewal.

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