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Dry feet: With these 7 care tips against calluses and cracks you can get them soft again

Dry feet, calluses, cracks and cracks on the heels - does this sound familiar to you, especially in winter? When it comes to personal care, our feet often don't get the attention they deserve. We can change that! With my care tips, foot care turns from a neglected part of your beauty routine into a home spa event with a feel-good guarantee.

Care tips for dry feet, calluses and cracks

Cracked, dry feet: these are the causes

  • Cool weather: If the temperature drops, the sebaceous glands in the skin produce less protective skin oils. Since there are fewer sebaceous glands in the feet than in other parts of the body, this can quickly lead to dry and cracked feet.

  • Missing sebaceous glands: Although the soles of the feet do not have sebaceous glands, they do have numerous sweat glands. This means: a lot of moisture is lost in the form of sweat. At the same time, however, the skin on the soles of the feet cannot supply itself with protective sebum.
  • dry air: Both heating air and cold winter air contain little moisture. The low humidity has the effect of a desert climate on your feet (and skin). It removes moisture and your feet become dry and rough.
  • Unsuitable footwear: Shoes that are too tight can cause friction and pressure. This can cause calluses, calluses and cracks on the feet. Socks and shoes that do not allow the feet to breathe promote sweating. The high loss of moisture in turn results in dryness.
  • in summer: In the warm season, dry feet are mainly caused by the heat of the sun, the asphalt and frequent washing. Inappropriate soap dries out our skin. Synthetic and restrictive shoes cause the feet to sweat, causing the skin to swell, which in turn compromises the skin's protective barrier and promotes dry feet.
  • Lack of care: Especially if you tend to have dry skin, regular foot care is important to prevent dry feet. I'll tell you now what's important.

Caring for dry feet: 7 steps for the home spa

Although our feet carry us through life (and we often demand top performance from them), they often get neglected when it comes to personal care. But: You don't have to go to the studio to have beautiful feet. I'll show you how you can transform your foot care routine from a perhaps annoying chore into a soothing care experience .

Small spoiler: Our rich FIVE Shea Cream is one of my most important beauty secrets for well-groomed feet. It contains four valuable organic oils plus plant-based vitamin E , which soften extremely dry feet again. Shea butter, argan and jojoba oil intensively nourish the demanding, cracked skin on the feet. With its delicate fresh scent, essential neroli oil provides a mood-enhancing care experience for all the senses .

Step 1: Foot bath

A relaxing foot bath is the epitome of pampering foot care and the perfect start to the following care steps. This is what you need for a relaxing spa feeling at home :

  • lukewarm water
  • 2 tablespoons sea salt
  • a few drops of a natural, organic, essential lavender oil - e.g. B. from Farfalla
  • a basin or bowl

Let your feet rest in the foot bath for about 10 to 15 minutes. The warm water softens calluses on the feet. As a bath additive, sea salt has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect and soothes rough feet. Lavender has an effect on all the senses: the gentle scent calms and has a balancing effect, while at the same time lavender oil stimulates the wound healing of the stressed skin on the feet 2 .

Step 2: Foot peeling

Before you tackle stubborn calluses on your feet (see Step 3), remove dry skin cells with a gentle peeling. Mix the following ingredients in a mixer or mortar to form a homogeneous paste:

  • 125 grams of fine sea salt
  • 5 grams dried peppermint or sage leaves
  • 50 milliliters of local organic hemp seed oil

Rub the peeling paste into your feet in circular motions. This is good for rough, dry feet in several ways: sage can regulate sweat production 3 , mint refreshes tired or swollen feet and has wound-healing properties 4 and hemp seed oil is a real care miracle for cracked skin 5 . Another bonus: the massage gently stimulates the foot reflex zones.

Step 3: Remove calluses and calluses on the feet

After a foot bath and peeling, your feet are optimally prepared for treatment with a callus file or pumice stone . No matter what you decide, it's important to proceed gently - otherwise irritation can occur. As soon as you feel the file uncomfortable on your skin or your feet become red, it's time to stop.

Tip: If you want to prevent cracks, cracks and calluses on your feet in the long term, regularity is the key to success.

The combination of peeling and subsequent filing removes unsightly, hard and dry skin. At the same time, peeling and filing the calluses stimulate cell production 6 . If you use them consistently, they prevent the formation of new calluses and cracks .

Step 4: Shorten the toenails

A step that should not be missing from any classic foot care routine. If the nails are neatly trimmed , our feet also shine in the most beautiful light. But nail trimming doesn't just play a role in looking well-groomed: if done correctly, you reduce the risk of ingrown toenails.

This is how to trim your nails correctly:

  • avoid rounding the toenails
  • Do not trim too much, i.e. not too close to the nail bed
  • Do not give the nails a pointed shape

Then use a rosewood stick to gently push back the cuticles.

Step 5: Soothing foot massage with the FIVE Shea Cream

It is the culmination of your home spa treatment for beautiful, soft feet and well-groomed nails. Take enough time and consciously enjoy the foot massage as a relaxing me-time.

By gently massaging your feet, you stimulate the flow of energy throughout your body. Not only that: If you combine the massage with the application of an intensive care balm like the FIVE Shea Cream , dry feet will soon be a thing of the past.

This is how the rich FIVE Shea Cream makes rough, cracked feet feel comfortable and soft again:

  • Smoothing effect: Shea butter and argan oil provide skin-like lipids that strengthen the barrier function 5 and counteract the extreme dryness of the feet.
  • Accelerated wound healing: The skin-care ingredients of shea butter 5 (such as valuable fatty acids and tocopherols) care for dry heels and at the same time support the healing process of cracks and fissures.
  • Improved skin moisture: Argan oil has been proven to influence the skin's water retention abilities, counteracting excessive moisture loss and thus preventing dry feet 5 .
  • Velvety-soft skin feeling: Jojoa oil has a positive effect on skin elasticity 5 and, as an ideal complement to our intensive care, ensures skin that is soft to the touch.

Mood-enhancing neroli makes the massage a pampering experience for all the senses.

Shea Cream for dry and cracked feet

Would you like to experience the care pleasure of our delicately melting Shea Cream? Discover the FIVE Shea Cream made from 5 natural ingredients in the FIVE Shop.

Step 6: Warm compress (optional)

It's not a must, but it's an insider tip to round off the luxurious spa feeling at home.

If you wrap a warm compress around your feet after the massage and applying your care cream, you can further enhance the skin-flattering effects of the selected ingredients. The heat ensures that the care ingredients can be optimally absorbed into the pores.

Tip: You can use this moment perfectly to address dry skin on your shins . In our article Instructions: How to get rid of dry skin on your legs, we have summarized everything you need to know about it.

Step 7: Paint toenails

To get the same all-round well-groomed feeling as after foot care in the studio, there's only one thing left: painting your nails. First degrease the nail surface so that the nail polish can then adhere well. For example, use a natural cosmetic nail polish remover.

Now you can paint however you like! Tip: A toe separator makes it easier to apply and dry the nail polish. My favorites for beautifully painted nails are gentle , natural cosmetic nail polishes that do not contain unnecessary solvents, such as: B. the brands Gitty, Londontown and Nailberry.

Attention : If you suffer from nail diseases and problems such as nail fungus, nail bed inflammation, ingrown nails - or are diabetic - we recommend that you seek professional help. You are in the right hands with a medical chiropodist or podiatrist .

Avoid calluses and dry feet: This is how your feet stay healthy

If you take time to care for your feet regularly, you will prevent the development of cracked feet. Also avoid the following factors so that calluses and cracks do not occur:

  • tight, unsuitable shoes (in the long term they not only lead to calluses, but also to misalignment of the toes)
  • untreated foot misalignments that cause pressure when walking
  • an unhealthy diet (you can find out which vitamins and nutrients should be on your menu as often as possible in our guide to the best foods for beautiful skin )
  • Nicotine consumption and alcohol

Well cared for from head to toe – why our feet deserve more appreciation

Who does not know that? In winter our feet are usually in thick socks and warm shoes. After hair, facial and skin care, we often don't have the energy to take care of our feet. Only when the temperatures slowly rise again do we suddenly notice cracks in the heel and rough feet .

The fact is: our feet deserve a little more love (at any time of the year). After all, they give us the necessary support on the ground and help us – quite literally! – to stand on your own two feet.

Healthy and well-groomed feet are important for the whole body. If we don't take care of painful fissures and cracks in the cornea in time, they can even start to bleed and/or infections can occur.

Is our health based on our… feet?

The role our feet play in our health is often underestimated. Did you know that our feet have countless nerve endings running through them? You can feel this yourself on barefoot paths: walking on sand, grass, pebbles and bark mulch is a sensory experience that allows us to train our tactile perception.

Studies show 7 : Walking barefoot has several advantages. Anyone who regularly walks barefoot

  • has stronger feet and fewer toe misalignments
  • has a smaller hallux angle
  • and its feet are overall more flexible and pliable

In the traditional medicine of many peoples, the feet have a very special place for health. In the concept of foot reflexology, the feet are divided into reflex zones and assigned to specific parts of the body. Through the targeted stimulation of the reflex zones, physical complaints can be alleviated and influenced.

Conclusion: It's easier than you think to make dry, cracked feet soft again

If you don't take care of dry feet in time, you'll quickly end up in a downward spiral. If the skin on your feet is extremely dry, small cracks and cracks are often the result. Dry feet are an expression of an irritated skin barrier, which means that moisture can escape even more easily - the dryness and cracks become worse. If friction and pressure do the rest, calluses on the feet are not far away.

So that this doesn't happen in the first place, in today's article I've told you how you can turn your foot care into a soothing spa experience at home and ensure beautiful, well-groomed feet in the long term. Very important: Treat yourself to pampering foot care at home on a regular basis in winter. This way you can gently soothe deep cracks and cracks before the sandal season begins.

Are you still looking for a rich care cream for dry feet? Here you can discover our nourishing FIVE Shea Cream with organic shea butter, argan and jojoba oil!

Love your feet!
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