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Which Oil is Good for Dry Skin? And which oil for impure skin?

Natural skin care is very trendy and vegetable oils are the absolute superstars. But there are many of them. Which Oil is Good for Dry Skin? Does oil help with impure skin? Or which oil do I use for mature skin? This article gives you an overview. Find out what special abilities the individual oils have and how they benefit your skin.

Which Oil is Good for Dry Skin? And which oil for impure skin? | Five Skincare

Caring for your face with oil – you know how

Nice that you're here! If you've read this article, you've obviously given some thought to how and why natural oils are good for skin care. But if you want to care for your body and face with oil, you are faced with the question: Which oil is good for what? And because there are so many, let's get right into the topic - skin care with oil for advanced users, so to speak. 😉

To avoid disappointment: You will not find any recipes or mixing instructions here. This article is intended to give you an overview of the special features of the most popular oils that you encounter in care products or that can be bought separately. So you can make an informed decision and tailor your care even better to your needs .

Base oils and active ingredient oils - together unbeatable in skin care

Roughly speaking, cosmetic oils are divided into base oils and active ingredient oils. Base oils are something for purists and can (usually) also be used on their own. As the name suggests, however, they often form the basis of a care product. They often have a stabilizing or preserving effect on the entire formulation. Of course, that's not their only function. Depending on the mix and the type of fatty acids, vitamins, etc. they consist of, they unfold their very own super power.

The base oils are opposed to active ingredient oils . They provide excellent and often highly specialized services in skin regeneration and cell activation. However, they are very sensitive to light and/or evaporate quickly. They always have their heads in the clouds and are only kept on the ground by their base colleagues.

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Short detour: essential oils

For the sake of completeness, we also mention the essential oils, which are extracted from aromatic plants such as lavender, bergamot, peppermint, orange blossom and more. They are the nose flatterers among the essences and very intense. A high level of concentration meets a high risk of escaping, as scent lamps clearly show: even a tiny amount can have a huge effect.

You will often find the individual components of essential oils on the INCI list because they are allergens . For example, the essential oil of neroli from the leaves of the bitter orange tree, which gives several FIVE products their delicate fragrance, contains geraniol, limonene, linalool and farnesol. But we are now saying goodbye to the essential oils and their components because we want to focus on the caring effect. So, bye, thanks for participating!

What the spread factor tells you about which oil is good for your skin

You will come across “spreading factor” or “spreading” here again and again. We hear that less often in everyday life now. It says whether the oil spreads quickly or slowly on the skin and whether it cares for a short or long term. The fast ones tend to feel extra comfortable because they don't make you feel like you're sticking. However, its effect is rather short-lived.

☝️ By the way, applying oil to damp skin helps against the sticky feeling. It's a must anyway.

Caring for your face with oil – you know how | Five Skincare

Only the best oil for the skin - care effect at a glance

For each oil you will find here under the German name the designation that is usually given on the list of ingredients (INCI), its "core competence" and areas of application, a short description and a list of the most important properties.

In principle, the base oils are suitable for all skin types. However, some of them have special superpowers for dry, sensitive or mature skin, which are highlighted here again. If you are one of the lucky ones who has "normal" skin, you have free choice. Alright now …

The all-rounder: medium-spreading and also super nourishing on its own

Apricot kernel oil 🍑
INCI: Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil
→ Base oil for dry or sensitive skin. Included in our FIVE makeup remover .

Rich in oleic acid, it feels good right away, is generally well tolerated and enchants with a delicate scent of marzipan when cold-pressed. As if that weren't already a great package, apricot kernel oil also ensures a smooth, even complexion. It soothes irritated areas and balances the moisture balance. Sensitive and dry skin in particular benefit from so much care, but the mild oil is also suitable for delicate baby skin.

  • Very compatible even with sensitive skin
  • Has a skin-smoothing and calming effect
  • Has a moisture-regulating effect for a taut appearance 1

Argan oil 🍃
INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
→ Base oil for dry, stressed and mature skin. Included in our FIVE Shea Cream .

The gold of Morocco impresses with its balanced composition of fatty acids, thanks to which it gently cares for even rough, dry and demanding skin. The mix contains smoothing oleic acid, regulating linoleic acid and protective palmitic acid, which is often lacking in mature skin. Especially great for sensitive skin that reacts quickly to irritation: it soothes and relieves itching. Solo or mixed it improves the skin barrier.

  • Provides rich care and promotes regeneration
  • Strengthens the skin barrier
  • Protects the skin from oxidation damage with a special combination of phytosterols

Avocado oil 🥑
INCI: Persea gratissima or Persea americana
→ Moisture-retaining base oil

Avocado oil has a wonderful moisturizing effect, especially on stressed areas of the skin such as the hands. In this case, the oil is extracted from the pulp, not from the seeds. So the next time you get some of it on your fingers while cooking: rub it in instead of just rinsing it off. Due to its strong smoothing effect, it is also used as a face and hair mask to make it silky soft.

  • Rich in antioxidants and vitamins
  • Strong moisturizing and moisture-retaining for chapped skin and dry hair
  • Anti-inflammatory effect

Jojoba Oil 🌿
INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil
Base oil for greasy and impure skin. Contained in our FIVE Facial Oil Balance .

Actually not a real oil, but a melt-in-the-mouth wax. This has a major advantage: it has a very long shelf life and also preserves other oils. The skin also benefits from this, because it is even less stressed by free radicals. It also contains a vitamin complex with tocopherol to combat them. It also regulates the pH value and strengthens the protective acid mantle of the skin. Because it regulates sebum production and is extremely difficult for bacteria to digest, it also counteracts pimples and skin impurities.

  • Increases skin elasticity by stimulating collagen production
  • Very suitable for impure and oily skin
  • Vitamin complex including tocopherol has an antioxidant effect

almond oil 🌿
INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis or Prunus Dulcis
Base oil for dry or mature skin. Included in our FIVE makeup remover .

Almond oil inspires with a unique combination of silky skin feeling and deep care. Its mild unsaturated fatty acids help the skin to regulate its moisture content. At the same time, their slim, agile molecular structure allows them to penetrate deep into the lower layers of the skin, where they strengthen the connective tissue.

  • Has a moisture-regulating effect for a taut appearance 1
  • Prevents moisture loss and reduces dryness lines
  • Cares deep and long-lasting because it only spreads medium to slowly

For extra long-lasting care: oil with a low spreading factor

Shea butter or shea butter 🌿
INCI: Butyrospermum parkii butter
Slowly spreading base oil for sensitive and dry to very dry skin. Included in our FIVE Shea Cream .

The marathon runner in our list: Because this vegetable butter spreads slowly, the many phytosterols in it provide your skin with particularly long-lasting care. The consistency is a bit reminiscent of acacia honey and only melts at around 30°C, which is practical on the skin. Shea butter protects the skin from moisture loss and strengthens the natural protective barrier against free radicals. The areas of application are correspondingly diverse. They range from soft-melting day creams and ointments to rich lip care.

  • Rich in antioxidants, it prevents oxidative stress
  • Has a moisturizing effect and protects against moisture loss
  • Soothes and smoothes irritated and stressed skin

High spreading oils: The instant care quickie for skin and hair

Coconut oil 🥥
INCI Cocos Nucifera
Fast absorbing base oil

Coconut oil is extremely popular in body care because it smells so exotic, at least when it is cold-pressed and organic, and absorbs immediately. However, this also has disadvantages: it does not provide long-lasting care and removes make-up less thoroughly than slower oils. However, coconut oil is great as a care with immediate effect for the body and hair. Fast distribution is a plus point here.

  • Has an antibacterial effect on small injuries and sunburn
  • Absorbs quickly, but cares less long-lasting

Squalane from olives 🫒
INCI: Squalane or Phytosqualane
High-spreading base oil for silky skin and hair. Contained in our FIVE facial oils .

This skin-native fabric not only feels ultra-light, but also makes the skin soft and smooth. Squalane can stand alone, but is more commonly found in formulations that make it pliable with its very high spread factor. That is why it is popular in natural cosmetics as a natural alternative to silicone in skin and hair care.

  • Excellent tolerance
  • Smoothes the skin and is easy to spread
  • Immediately gives a silky feeling, but accordingly has a rather short-term effect
  • Makes tangled hair shiny and smooth without being greasy

Active ingredient oils for the skin: When you need a little more

Sea buckthorn pulp oil 🧡
INCI: Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Oil
Active ingredient oil for sensitive and dry skin. Included in our FIVE Facial Oil - Dry Skin .

The small, orange-colored fruits are real nutrient bombs. Their oil also impresses with a balanced content of vitamins, fatty acids and carotenoids, which not only give it its color but are also powerful antioxidants. Dry and mature skin in particular benefits from the cell-protecting and regenerating effect. The oil helps her to repair the skin barrier and better prevent moisture loss. In addition, it inhibits inflammation. However, you should not use it on its own because it stains heavily and its effect is too strong undiluted.

  • Supports cell regeneration with valuable fatty acids and nutrients
  • Rich in antioxidants, it prevents light-induced skin aging
  • Has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect

Black cumin oil 🌱
INCI: Nigella Sativa Seed Oil
Active ingredient oil for greasy and impure skin. Contained in our FIVE Facial Oil Balance .

Black seed oil has a balancing effect on sebum production and balances oily skin. Due to the high proportion of essential oils, it has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and slightly antibacterial effect. Its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids softens cornifications, such as those found in skin blemishes.

  • Strong against pimples because it has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect
  • Regulates sebum production to reduce blemishes
  • Rich in antioxidants, it prevents oxidative stress

Only the best oil for the skin - care effect at a glance | Five Skincare

Of course, this list is endlessly expandable. And there are actually constantly new discoveries in the cosmetics world. Therefore this contribution is a work in progress. Of course we want to offer you the best possible overview and will expand the list over time. So it's worth checking back from time to time. And if you want to know more about it, take a look at the ingredients section. Since we illuminate some oils and other ingredients in more detail .

high five,
your Anna

Tip: Don't forget to always apply the oil to damp skin or use it over the FIVE face serum for a super moisture boost .

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