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Deodorant cream

Strong against odors and made from 100% natural raw materials, that's what makes our deodorant cream so special. In the FIVE manner, we rely on a minimal number of ingredients, but with maximum effect. Our cream deodorant uses baking soda to neutralize odors before they can even develop.


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FIVE Deodorant Cream
Natural deodorant without perfume
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Natural protection with the FIVE deodorant cream

Deocreme mit wenig Inhaltsstoffen | Five Skincare

Minimal ingredients, maximum effect

At FIVE we use a maximum of five ingredients for our natural cosmetics. We want to create care products that promote the balance of your skin and support it, but do not overload it. With our first deodorant, the FIVE deodorant cream, we've outdone ourselves and developed a product with just four ingredients that care for your skin while protecting it from odor.

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Deocreme mit Natron | Five Skincare

This is how the deodorant cream with baking soda works

The most important ingredient in our deodorant cream is baking soda. This substance has amazing abilities. You can use it to bake delicious muffins, take it against heartburn or use it as an active ingredient in your cream deodorant. Baking soda is alkaline and the bacteria that break down sweat and produce the unpleasant smell don't like it at all.

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