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Care routine for oily skin

Not only does it feel unpleasantly oily, oily skin also leaves visible marks, for example on the cell phone screen. The cause is too active sebum production. But be careful: by cleaning aggressively you will stimulate them further! The trick is to bring your oil and moisture levels into balance with the right care.

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This is how you recognize oily skin

You have oily skin:

  • Despite cleansing or mattifying, your skin will quickly become shiny again.
  • Large, clearly visible pores.
  • Often pale or dull skin.

Oily skin not only causes an unpleasant shine on the face. In addition to the nose, chin and forehead, the shoulders, décolleté and upper back area are often affected by blackheads and a greasy skin surface.

If you also have impurities, please continue reading our care recommendations for impure skin .

What causes oily skin?

Oily skin occurs when too much sebum (sebum) is produced. If there is overproduction, the sebum glands can become clogged, causing skin problems such as impurities. A possible reason for oily skin could be your genetic predisposition . But lifestyle or hormonal changes can also contribute. Hormone fluctuations occur, for example, during puberty or after stopping the pill. Unfortunately, the cause of oily skin cannot be solved so easily.

However, oily skin can also be aggravated by a combination of external factors . Your skin is exposed to environmental influences every day; in summer, for example, all skin types produce more sebum than in winter. An unhealthy diet can also promote oily skin. Another factor that influences the appearance of your skin is your psychological state. When you're under a lot of stress , your skin is more likely to react with increased sebum production.

But: By making adjustments to your lifestyle and taking the right care , you can sustainably improve the appearance of your skin. FIVE supports you with the right three products and lots of reading tips on nutrition for oily or impure skin (further down in the article). We avoid any bells and whistles in our products. We are convinced that you should be able to count the ingredients in facial care on one hand. We only use 100% natural ingredients in our highly effective natural cosmetics so as not to strain your skin with unnecessary fillers or alcohols.

Oily skin

Your morning routine

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Only wash your face with lukewarm water, even if your skin has produced a lot of sebum overnight.

Good to know: Degreasing cleaning products can stimulate sebum production. You can find out more about this in our article about facial cleansing in the morning .

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Care in summer

In summer, the light and oil-free facial serum is enough for you, as it absorbs super quickly, makes tired skin fit for the day and provides maximum moisture. Complete your skin care routine with a light sunscreen applied over the serum.

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Care in winter

In winter, even oily skin needs protection in the form of selected plant oils. Combine the facial serum with a drop of our Balance facial oil . The active ingredients play an important role here: We use ingredients that balance sebum production, inhibit inflammation and have an antibacterial effect, such as jojoba oil, black cumin oil and grapefruit oil.

Oily skin

Your evening routine

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Resist the impulse to forcefully degrease your skin because it will only respond with more oil. You can gently remove dirt, make-up and sunscreen with the natural make-up remover that you use with the Oil Cleansing Method .

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Only use the light facial serum so that your skin can devote itself to skin regeneration at night without any worries.

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Additional care

Oily skin deserves special treatment, but please do not use it more than once or twice a week:

  • Treat yourself to a clarifying mask with pure green clay from the health food store.
  • A facial steam bath unclogs the pores.
  • Your skin will also be happy about a peeling .

Fight oily skin with the right diet

In addition to proper care, you can also support oily skin with a balanced diet. Healthy foods can help your skin improve and you have to struggle less with blemishes.

Make sure you consume little sugar and dairy products. Sugar and the whey proteins contained in milk promote increased sebum production . Sugar doesn't just mean white industrial sugar, but also all fast carbohydrates, such as those found in white bread. In our article focusing on reducing sebum production, we provide you with further tips.

Another lever is dietary fats. Fats are not bad per se, in fact they can be very valuable if they are the right ones. However, bad fats like saturated and hydrogenated fats promote inflammation in the body and contribute to skin blemishes. Animal products in particular, such as sausage, red meat and butter, are full of these unhealthy fats. Instead, choose foods with healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These are found, for example, in nuts and cold-pressed oils. You can find detailed help in our article Nutrition tips for oily skin and pimples .

Care tips for oily skin

Mild and moisturizing care: Your skin likes light serums and gels. These should be mildly formulated and provide moisture in the form of plant water bound in glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Your new favorite product is our facial serum .

Gentle peelings: A gentle peeling removes dead skin cells and can prevent inflammation and calluses in the T-zone. However, you should be careful with peelings, especially if you have acne or inflamed blemishes, so as not to irritate your skin even more.

Not recommended for oily skin

Care products with alcohol : Skin care products that contain alcohol will dry out the skin for a short time. But this stimulates your skin's natural sebum production even further, so your skin tends to become even oilier.

Completely degrease the skin: You should be careful not to completely remove oil from oily skin. This destroys the skin's natural protective acid mantle and stimulates the sebaceous glands. This is more likely to cause skin imperfections than clearer skin.