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5 Gründe für FIVE

Durchschnittlich bestehen Cremes aus circa 30 Inhaltsstoffen. Wir kommen mit maximal 5 aus.

Bessere Hautbalance | Five Skincare

1. Better skin balance

Because we dogmatically limit ourselves to a maximum of 5 ingredients per product, only the best make it into our top 5. Logically, parabens, microplastics, silicones, etc. have no place. With products from FIVE you set a counter-trend to the usual 100-ingredients-per-day beauty routine and allow your skin to breathe a sigh of relief. In this way she learns to take care of her own balance again.

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Naturbasierte Inhaltsstoffe | Five Skincare

2. Nature-based ingredients

We are convinced that we use the most natural and organic ingredients possible. Our vegetable oils are a rich bouquet of antioxidants, vitamins and valuable fatty acids. They give your skin everything it needs and can actively support it in regeneration. In contrast, no mineral oil has yet achieved this. It never will, because plant power works much smarter.

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Umweltbewusste Kosmetik | Five Skincare

3. Better for the environment

We have been 100% climate neutral since 2020. In addition, our products are not only natural and vegan and therefore already low in emissions, but also highly concentrated and waterless, which causes even lower CO2 emissions during production and transport. To reduce packaging waste, all of our products come in glass bottles and without outer packaging. In Switzerland you even have the option of receiving your delivery in a reusable box.

Read more about our efforts to become even more sustainable here.

Keine Geheimnisse | Five Skincare

4. No secrets

We have nothing to hide. That's why we write our ingredients in capital letters on our jars and bottles. We think it's your right to know what's going on your skin. Our natural cosmetics are structured in such a way that you can understand them. From A to Z

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Vegane Naturkosmetik | Five Skincare

5. Vegan Forever

Our natural cosmetics are and remain vegan and neither the raw materials nor the products are tested on animals. That's why our natural cosmetics are listed by the Vegan Society. By using our products, you are helping to shape a vegan future.

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