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Care routine for combination skin

Here, individual parts of the face often behave in completely opposite ways and need to be cared for in the same way. This skin type sometimes reacts particularly strongly to external influences such as the seasons. Find out how to recognize combination skin and what care you can best support your skin with.

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This is how you recognize combination skin

You have combination skin:

  • An oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).
  • Dry cheeks that may even be tight and raw.
  • Enlarged pores in the T-zone.

Your skin is characterized by two parts with completely different properties and requirements. In some areas, usually the forehead, nose and chin, too much sebum is produced, whereas in other areas of the skin - often the cheeks - too little sebum is produced.

Causes and challenges for combination skin

Dry cheeks and an oily T-zone are characteristics of combination skin and clearly show that your skin is a combination of two completely different skin types. In most cases, combination skin is a combination of normal and oily skin. In some cases, a combination of oily and dry skin can also occur. This skin type tends to be more greasy, especially in summer, whereas dry areas predominate in winter.

Good to know: Over the course of life, the two extremes become more and more similar to each other, so that an even complexion develops over the years.

The oily T-zone

The T-zone is the area of ​​the forehead, nose and chin. In combination skin, these areas of skin tend to be very greasy. The oily skin areas of combination skin are caused - like oily skin - by excessive sebum production. In addition, impurities appear more quickly in these areas than on dry areas of skin.

The dry cheeks

The cheeks and the sides of the face often remain dry in combination skin and have completely different facial care requirements than the oily skin regions. While the T-zone primarily needs moisture in care, the cheeks also need oily care to compensate for their own reduced lipid production.

Adapt the day care to the areas of the face

The imbalance of the skin areas is genetically determined, but can also be exacerbated by incorrect care. You should therefore support the different skin needs with different products. Simple tip: Combine two FIVE products and apply them to the respective areas in different mixing ratios. This way you can adjust the richness to the respective parts of your face.

combination skin

Your morning routine

FIVE Gesichtsserum & FIVE Gesichtsöl Balance

Care in summer

For the T-zone, the moisturizing and oil-free facial serum is sufficient in summer. For the cheeks, you also use the facial serum and combine it with the Balance facial oil , as the dry cheek areas need some oily care even in summer. Simply mix both products in the palm of your hand and apply together. Complete your skin care routine with a light sunscreen.

FIVE Gesichtsserum & FIVE Gesichtsöl Balance

Care in winter

In winter you use the same products as in summer, but now also use a drop of Balance facial oil together with the facial serum for the T-zone. For the cheeks, you can increase the amount of facial oil slightly, as the skin produces fewer lipids in winter and needs more protection.

Tip: Your dry cheek areas benefit from cold protection in the form of Shea Cream in icy temperatures.

combination skin

Your evening routine

FIVE Make-up Entferner | Five Skincare


Resist the urge to aggressively degrease your T-zone. If you haven't worn any makeup or sunscreen, just wash your face with lukewarm water. Otherwise, remove make-up gently and thoroughly with our make-up remover .

Tip: If you have skin imperfections, we recommend cleaning with make-up remover according to the Oil Cleansing Method .

Five Gesichtsserum | Five Skincare


Your skin regenerates itself overnight and does not need any protection from environmental influences. Therefore, avoid using a heavy night cream for the dry areas. Apply our oil-free and moisturizing facial serum everywhere. If you need a little more care on your cheeks, add a drop of facial oil.

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Additional care

If your skin feels unpleasantly oily: Treat yourself to a mild, clarifying mask with white or pink clay once or twice a week. You can get clay at the pharmacy or health food store.

Or: Unclog your pores with a facial steam bath . Then rinse your face with cold water and apply the facial serum. But be careful: if you have sensitive, irritated skin, you should avoid it!

The right care for combination skin

With this skin type, the biggest challenge is supporting the different areas of the skin with the right products. This may seem complicated at first glance, but it is actually quite simple. The only important thing is to understand which ingredients are essential for which part of the face. And we'll look at that again below.

The care of oily skin areas

The most important thing is that you provide your skin with enough moisture , even in the oily areas. The oily areas tend to have visible pores and impurities. A good moisturizer keeps the skin supple and ensures that sebum can drain away better. This prevents blackheads and calluses. Your hero product from FIVE for the T-zone is the moisturizing facial serum .

What to do about dry cheeks?

Dry skin in combination skin is characterized by skin flakes and a feeling of tension. You should care for the characteristically dry cheeks of this skin type with moisture and high-quality oils . Your hero products from FIVE for the cheek area are Facial Serum & Facial Oil Balance .

Tips for combination skin

Reduce Stress: Prolonged stress can lead to promoting extreme skin conditions. This means that the T-zone becomes even more greasy during stressful phases and the dry cheeks become sensitive.

Healthy diet: A healthy diet can promote a balanced complexion. Instead of milk chocolate and white bread, choose black chocolate and whole grain bread. Small changes in eating habits make a difference. With FIVE, we not only support you with the right skin care, but also give you nutritional tips for balanced skin .