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Our story

“No cream should have more ingredients than you can count on one hand.”

Anna Pfeiffer, founder of FIVE

Anna Pfeiffer – Gründerin Five Skincare

Anna's story

I had the idea for FIVE in February 2015. At that time I was a graphic designer. My skin had been bothering me all winter because it was super dry and sensitive. I tried everything, but couldn't find a skin care range that could solve my skin problems. I was also annoyed by exaggerated advertising promises like “90% fewer wrinkles in 59 days” because I knew I couldn’t rely on them.

I didn't give up and decided to find my cream based on the ingredients. But far from it. It quickly became clear that this was not possible. Who can understand a list of 30 botanical terms in 4-point font? And why are there so many ingredients in a simple cream?

Unsere Story | Five Skincare

The implementation

A long research period followed, which brought a lot of clarity and ultimately the idea for FIVE. I knew that natural cosmetics had to be simple and understandable. In the summer of 2017 we launched four products and immediately appeared successfully on television on “The Lions’ Den”.

Since then, we have been working with experts from Germany and Switzerland to create the best nature-based products with a maximum of 5 ingredients and thus make cosmetics understandable for you.

Welcome to FIVE. Nice, you're here.
Anna Pfeiffer

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Stories about FIVE

Anna Pfeiffer im Shopify Podcast

Anna Pfeiffer on the Shopify Podcast

In September 2020 I had the pleasure of chatting with Manuel from Shopify about the founding story of FIVE. In the official Shopify podcast, I tell you how I started FIVE, why it all took longer th...

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Wenn die Produktion schiefgeht

When production goes wrong

"Anna, when will the FIVE face serum be available again?" I've been asked this question a lot lately. Unfortunately, I didn't know the answer for a long time because we had a problem in production ...

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Daaanke: Wir feiern 1 Jahr FIVE 🚀

Thank you: We're celebrating 1 year of FIVE 🚀

What a year! A lot has happened since The Lion's Den on VOX. Natural cosmetics with a maximum of 5 ingredients have proven themselves. Customers swear by the minimalist care for sensitive skin. And...

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Skin care tips

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Glykation: Verzuckerung der Haut | Five Skincare

Glykation und Hautalterung: So kannst du die Verzuckerung der Haut vermeiden!

Für deine Haut ist zu viel Süßes definitiv kein Zuckerschlecken. Wo genau ist der Zusammenhang zwischen dem Prozess der Glykation und vorzeitiger Hautalterung? Es gibt Wege, wie du die Verzuckerung...

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Dein Guide der besten Lebensmittel für schöne Haut: Top-10-Liste & Glow-Food-Tipps für frischen Strahle-Teint

Vegan, regional, unkompliziert – mit unserer Cheat-Liste der besten Lebensmittel für schöne Haut bringst du deinen Teint zum Strahlen. Jetzt lesen!

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